Hi Everyone

I’m Ken Mackenzie and I would love to serve you as Division 7 Councillor.


I have spent most of my life living in South-East Queensland, including the past 18 years where I have been Buderim-based enjoying life in Division 7.


I am a long-standing and active member of the local community and after talking with many local residents, I’d like to draw upon my 30+ years experience working in government to work for you to ensure sensible solutions are found to address today’s problems.


As the Sunshine Coast grows and evolves, I am committed to engaging with the community to hear your concerns and work with you to solve the challenges we face.


‘For your future’

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Advocate against unsustainable over-development

Foster activation of spaces through community events 

Drive retention and enhancement of public open spaces and ecological habitats

Working with business to drive the local economy

Working collaboratively with all levels of Government for community outcomes