Smart and Sustainable Development


In an era characterised by rapid urbanisation, technological advancement, and growing environmental concerns, the need for a comprehensive Smart and Sustainable Development Policy has become paramount. This policy aims to balance economic growth, social progress, and environmental protection through an integrated approach that leverages technology and innovative strategies.


    1. Holistic Planning and Design: I will facilitate and promote inclusive and participatory urban planning that involves the community, experts, and key stakeholders. I will encourage mixed-use development to reduce commuting distances and promote vibrant communities. I will encourage the creation of green spaces, parks, and pedestrian-friendly zones to enhance quality of life.


    1. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: I will facilitate and encourage renewable energy adoption and investment in solar, wind, hydro, and other clean energy sources. I will also encourage and promote Council infrastructure and buildings to implement green building techniques and to be the most energy efficient to reduce resource consumption.


    1. Sustainable Mobility: I will facilitate and encourage the development of an integrated public transportation system that is accessible, affordable, and environmentally friendly. I will also encourage and promote active transportation modes such as walking and cycling by creating dedicated infrastructure.


    1. Circular Economy: I will facilitate and encourage both Council operations and businesses to adopt circular economy principles, reducing waste and promoting recycling and reuse.


    1. Resilient Infrastructure: I will facilitate and encourage climate-resilient design principles in Council infrastructure projects to withstand natural disasters and changing climatic conditions.


    1. Affordable Housing and Social Equity: I will facilitate and promote policies that ensure affordable housing options for all income levels within urban areas, promote opportunities for community events to enhance community cohesion and promote opportunities to support vulnerable sections of the community, ensuring they benefit from smart and sustainable initiatives.


    1. Innovation and Research: I will facilitate and encourage research partnerships between academia, industry, community associations and all levels of government to drive innovation in sustainable technologies and solutions.


    1. Public Awareness and Education: I will facilitate and encourage public awareness campaigns to share knowledge and inform the community about the benefits of smart and sustainable living. I will also promote community events that promote sustainable lifestyle choices.



    This Smart and Sustainable Development Policy seeks to create a harmonious balance between economic growth, social equity, and environmental stewardship. By embracing innovation, collaboration, and a long-term perspective, this policy aims to ensure a resilient and prosperous future for current and future generations. It is imperative that all levels of government, businesses and the community work together to turn this policy into a reality.