After talking with the community, and drawing on my career experiences, I have been working on sensible solutions to today’s challenges. I will continue to listen and work with the people of Division 7 and the wider Sunshine Coast area. I am committed to putting fair policies into practice to ensure our families, businesses, and the environment all benefit.


I am also committed to working with other Councillors, the Mayor, and the CEO for an integrated approach to solving the challenges facing a growing Sunshine Coast region, and also believe that solutions will require all levels of Government to work hand-in-hand for the community.

Open and Transparent Government

As a representative of the people, I recognise the fundamental importance of an open and transparent government that is accountable to the community. My policy outlines my commitment to fostering a culture of openness, accessibility, and accountability in all aspects of governance.

Working for the Community

I believe in the power of community engagement and social responsibility. My “Working for the Community” policy outlines my commitment to actively contribute to the betterment of the communities in which we work, live and play. My policy is my commitment in fulfilling my social obligations to create positive impact on the community.

Sense of Community

I recognise the importance of fostering a strong sense of community. A vibrant and connected community enhances well-being, social cohesion and fosters a great place to work, live and play. My policy outlines my commitment to facilitating a sense of community and the strategies I aim to implement to achieve this goal. 

Local Economic Growth

Local economic growth is a vital aspect of ensuring a prosperous and sustainable community. My policy aims to work with all levels of government and the community to foster economic growth at the local level by leveraging various resources, promoting entrepreneurship, creating job opportunities, and enhancing overall quality of life. My policy aims to create an environment where businesses thrive, residents prosper, and the community as a whole benefit from increased economic activity

Smart and Sustainable Development

My Smart and Sustainable Development Policy seeks to create a harmonious balance between economic growth, social equity, and environmental stewardship. By embracing innovation, collaboration, and a long-term perspective, my policy aims to ensure a resilient and prosperous future for current and future generations. It is imperative that all levels of government, businesses and the community work together to turn this vision into a reality.

Environment and Sustainability

I am committed to fostering a vibrant, resilient, and sustainable community that cherishes its natural surroundings and safeguards them for present and future generations. My vision is to create an environment where people, nature, and progress coexist harmoniously, ensuring a high quality of life, economic prosperity, and the preservation of our unique ecological heritage. .